Castle Chapel

The castle chapel, which was newly consecrated in 2016, is located in the north-west defence tower, which was given a new role in the 17th century. The chapel, where quite a few domestic noble daughters were married, displays statues by Ferdinand Gallo, the main representative of late baroque sacral plastic art in Slovenian Styria, and a painting of Janez Nepomuk. Its author is Janez Andrej Strauss from the well-known family of Strauss painters from Slovenj Gradec. The picture, the wooden plastics and the church ornamentation were all located in the old parish church of St. George in Škale until the beginning of 1950s. The church was demolished in 1957 due to coal mining and consequential sinking of the land. Some of the items that were housed here found a new place in the castle chapel.

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