Old inn

Reconstruction of an old inn from the first half of the 20th century

The old inn from the 1930s is an excellent addition to the permanent collections of the Velenje Museum at Velenje Castle. Original inn furniture and items, collected by museum curators in the Šalek Valley, with some pieces also obtained from other Slovenian and foreign collectors and at flea markets, comprise the type of taverns that predominated in this area until the mid-20th century. Inns have always been opened in the centers of towns, villages, markets, near fairgrounds, along major trade routes, churches, and so on. Hence, we know of carters’ inns, pilgrimage inns, raftsmen’s inns, excursion inns. Inns also had a significant influence on the national awakening movement, as most singing, reading, firefighting, Sokol gymnastics, and similar societies were established precisely in inns.

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