Sculptor Ciril Cesar's permanent exhibition

Slovenian academic sculptor and industrial designer Ciril Cesar (born 1923) moved with his family to a modernist villa in the center of the young city of Velenje in the 1970s. The city boasts his public sculptural works “Mining Manifesto” and “Atlantis” in the “Sunny Park”, “Anton Aškerc” in front of the Anton Aškerc Elementary School, and “Harmony” in the Cultural Center. His permanent sculpture exhibition at the Velenje Museum was established in 2006.

The exhibited works by the academic sculptor (and designer) Ciril Cesar draw the developmental arch of sculpting design from the classic, formal and in terms of content non-problematic academic realism through amplified gigantic bodies of hostages in terms of shapes and emotions, and finally to the expressively dissected, dehumanised forms in the cycle of war casualties. This is followed by termination of war theme and expressionism and orientation towards manifestation works with futuristic compositions “man – machine”. The sculptor discovers new material – crystal glass and develops new “architectural” cycle of glass sculptures by constructivist assembling.

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